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The Most Popular and Effective

We focus on the two main types of treatments—spot treatments, and whole structure fumigation. Both methods can be effective in fighting termite infestations when done properly.


There are a few things to consider when making your decision on a treatment method for your property. Remember that each structure and each infestation is unique. If you have a subterranean infestation, it must be treated differently than dry-wood infestations. A detailed inspection will give you the best evaluation on what you are dealing with and help you to choose the best treatment.

Spot Treatment

  • Can be more economical (initially)

  • Can be effective when all areas of infestations have been detected and are accessible

  • Drilling may be required—either to access subterranean termites or dry-wood termites in superficial structures

  • May need more than one treatment if infestation returns

  • Your home won’t be tented

Whole Structure Fumigation

  • The circus is in town! (Kidding) The whole property will be tented for a couple of days

  • Can be a bit more expensive than spot treatments, depending on the square footage of the unit

  • There's no need to identify every single area affected by termites since the entire structure will be treated

  • Reinfestations are much less likely

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