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About Us

We work with property, managers, businesses, and real estate agencies. Our team is specialized in termite inspections, control, and fumigations. SCT operates in the Greater Los Angeles area, specifically Los Angeles County and Orange County. We are proud to provide the highest quality in service at reasonable prices, all while ensuring superior service and your satisfaction.


After over a decade of work in the real estate industry and hands-on experience in pest control services, Wilson A. founded Superior Care Termite, Inc. and incorporated it in California in January of 2015. SCT is bonded and insured, and licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board of California.

Message From the Owner

With many years as a real estate agent, I've gained valuable experience in dealing with homeowners, businesses owners, and managers. I understand the importance of having a home or place of business free those destructive little termites.


It is exciting to lead a company and team with a mission to satisfy the needs of our customers. I enjoy going out to meet our customers and even conduct inspections personally.


It is our goal to provide superior care to everyone we do business with and maintain an excellent reputation for service and quality. We look forward to building a relationship with you.


-Wilson A.

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