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Wood Framed Glass Door

FAQ - General

Is Superior Care Termite licensed, bonded, and insured?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Does Superior Care Termite offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 2-year warranty on our full fumigation services.

What treatment options are there for eliminating termites?

There are several ways to treat a termite infestation, depending on the termite type and their activity. Some people opt for some sort of spot treatment. However, these methods are not intended for complete eradication. Typically, a full fumigation is the best method for whole house termite eradication. An inspection will give you the proper information for you to make the best decision for your case. See our Treatments page for more info.

Will the fumigation kill termite eggs?

No. Fumigant gas is not intended to kill termite eggs. But once termite eggs hatch, they too will die.

Does the fumigation gas have a strong or unpleasant smell?

Structural fumigants have no odor but are still powerful. This is why we post warning signs throughout the process and release a warning agent (such as tear gas), for your protection.

Are fumigations safe?

Yes. Fumigations are safe when performed properly. Fumigations are highly regulated by the State of California. To perform fumigations, companies must be registered with Structural Pest Control Board.

Will the tenting and fumigating kill all types of termites?

No. Our fumigant is primarily designed to kill only drywood termites. Since the fumigant does not penetrate the earth, subterranean termites (which live underground) are not affected by the gas, so we treat those in a different way.

Does fumigating for termites also kill other insects?

Sometimes. The gas and the amount used is specifically measured and designed for termites. At times other insects and rodents will also die with the treatment.

Will my property be protected while I’m away?

Yes. We will place secondary locks on your doors for the duration of the process. Once our work is done we will not leave the property unlocked unless specified by you. In additional, we also recommend informing your neighbor of the work being done and asking them to keep an eye on your property.

Will I need to open my safes?

Yes. For liability reasons, the law requires that all safes be unlocked or removed from the property.

Is it always necessary to tent a property when treating it for termites?

No. Tenting is only required for fumigations. Other treatments may not require tenting.

When does the fumigation tent come off?

A fumigation tent is typically brought down the second or third day.

Can I reenter the property once the tent is removed?

Not yet. The property must be cleared for reentry. We notify you and will place a sign on your front door letting you know that it is safe to reenter.

Why do I still see tiny “balls of wood”?

These tiny “balls of wood” are actually fecal droppings called frass that remain inside termite passages in wood. Whenever these areas are shaken or moved in some way droppings will fall out. It is possible to see this even after the termites have been eradicated.

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