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FAQ - Residential

How can I know if my house has been fumigated before?

Since 1961, the law requires that, on completion of a fumigation, the fumigator must post a sign with the name of the licensee, the date of the fumigation, and the fumigant used. The sign must be posted either in the attic or in the subarea of a house. These tags are to remain permanently and should not be detached.

How should I prepare for a fumigation?

All people, pets, and plants must be removed from the house before fumigation (this includes fish and seeds or bulbs intended for planting). Medicines, human and pet food must be removed from the house unless they are sealed in airtight metal, glass, or highly resistant containers or protective bags. See our printable checklist, Fumigation To Do’s, for more guidance.

Will you need access to my residence?

Yes. The fumigation team will need full access to residence or building being treated. This includes all rooms, closets, storage areas, and the garage. Please make arrangements to leave a key for the fumigators or meet them on site the day of your tenting.

How long will I have to be away?

Depending on the scheduled dates, you will either be out for 2 or 3 days. We generally don’t bring down tents on Sundays (we like to give our team a break). It’s possible to make special accommodations. Bring up any questions or concerns to our friendly staff to make the arrangements that suit you the best.

What do I do with these forms?

Complete all forms and leave them on your kitchen counter the day of your fumigation, along with your contact information.

What time will you be coming?

Inspections: These take place on a specific day and time agreed on when you make the appointment.

Fumigations: We can schedule either a morning or afternoon fumigation within a 4-hour window, depending on your preference. So for example, if you request that our team arrive in the morning, we will arrive between 8 AM – 12 PM. We have the 4-hour window to accommodate our commute between different job locations.

Does the gas need to be shut off, and who will do it?

Yes, the gas must be shut off. We will take care of the gas shut off. However, the gas company requires the person named on the gas bill to call directly in order to restore the gas.

If I have a respiratory problem. Will the fumigation affect my condition?

We recommend that you consult your physician for your specific medical concerns. But we can say that this one reason why it’s important for us to properly ventilate the building after fumigation.

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